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Bumerang d.o.o. is a company, with years of experience in organization and technical realization of events. In recent years we worked with the majority of large and small Slovenian companies across Slovenia. We have a lot of experience in the field of organization and realization – open air concerts, in tents or indoor, different official and unofficial events, corporate and intuitional events, from political rallies to fashion shows, gala festival balls…

We are able to realize all types of events, from the smallest to the largest. Our main advantage is technically qualitied work force, technical rider compatible equipment (we use Electro-voice sound system), we own all our technology (we don’t use any subcontractors) but our main advantages are our dedication and innovative approach to technical event implementation and lastly, we are ecologically and low-energy aware since we use only LED technology.

Why choose us

Off the shelf” event
We are a company where you can order an “off the shelf” event! This includes all equipment, the stage, roof, sound, lights, video animations, lasers, stage setting, or only parts of it, depending on the client’s request.

We have extensive experience in the field of organization and performance – outdoor concerts, in tents or in halls, various official and unofficial events, events for companies, institutions, from political rallies to fashion shows, gala gala dances.

The latest equipment
We use the sound system of the Electro-Voice brand, and LED technology for lighting.

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